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For Royal VKB design is all about how we use a product. We believe that every design should be pared back to its functional essence, and should then be combined with great aesthetics. Making people‚Äôs lives better and more enjoyable every day.

Royal VKB


Royal VKB is a typical Dutch Design brand founded by the Royal van Kempen en Begeer group in 2005. The brand has a strong connection to Dutch designers, and is an enduring reflection of the culture and attitude that is characteristic of the Netherlands and of the Dutch people. At Royal VKB, a solution-oriented approach, functionality, smart-thinking and fun are put into our designs. We are simply Dutch.

Royal VKB people


Many people are not that interested in the tools we use in our kitchen and dining room. However, some of us do care. We care a lot. We love the products we use and want them to reflect ourselves. They must make us feel happy and bring joy to our daily lives. The products should be smart and help us do the job. At Royal VKB we are precisely that kind of people.

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